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Tutorial: How to Share Your Blog Post on Social Media


Tutorial: How to Share Your Blog Post on Social Media

You’ve shared your knowledge, strategized a content schedule, and put your best writing into the world. Now it’s time to share it. Share your blog post on social media to get more visibility with your network and beyond. Here’s how to do so most effectively.

Teakie Tutorials is a series of free resources and step-by-step how-to articles on the Teakie Academy designed to help you quickly understand, build, and grow your digital platform.

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  1. Why You Should Share Your Content on Social Media
  2. Make Sure Your Blog Post is Professionally Published
  3. Share Your Posts on Right Social Platforms
  4. What You Need to Share Your Post on Social Media
  5. Start Sharing: Ways to Share on Social Media
  6. Free Download: Social Media Distribution Checklist

1. Why Should You Share Your Content on Social Media?

Because you put your heart, expertise, and passion into it, as with every endeavor you take on. Not only is sharing your latest blog post a celebration of your work, but you’re allowing your network to learn more about your industry, your business, and why you do what you do — no matter how big or how small.

As we discussed in our post on transforming your business online, a blog post is a digital documentation of your knowledge and a useful tool in your sales process.

By sharing specific information on your business, your process, or industry trends with your network, you can save yourself time by answering questions clients or prospects may have, all while building a quality collection of resources.

2. Make Sure Your Blog Post is Professionally Published

Ensuring you’ve professionally published your post lets you showcase your work in the light it deserves (while optimizing your posts for search engines along the way).

3. Share Your Posts on the Right Social Platforms

The platforms you choose to share your posts on is dependent on where your target audience likes to “hang out” online.

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer sharing a post on how couples can prep for their engagement shoot, Instagram is probably the platform for you.

If you’re a financial advisor building your own business, take advantage of your network by sharing your blog post on LinkedIn.

Here are some of our favorite social media platforms to share and promote your latest blog posts:

4. What You Need to Share Your Post Properly on Social Media

After you’ve given our post on professionally publishing your blog post a read, there are a few pieces of content you’ll need to prepare before sharing your blog on social media:

  1. Caption
  2. Image
  3. Call-to-action
  4. Schedule

1. Caption: It’s not effective to only share a URL on social media platforms — readers want a reason why they should click-through and read. What will they learn? Will they be inspired?

Consider the reasons a reader would benefit from reading your post, and write your caption around that concept — this is called Ad Copy. The caption can be longer or shorter, dependent on the social platform you’re posting to (here’s a guide to social media post lengths from Fanbooster).

2. Image: You’ll also need an image to accompany your caption. This visual is the hook — what captures your viewer’s attention. The image (graphic) can be added to your post on most social media networks. While some platforms will use the featured image you added in WordPress, some platforms will require you to upload the image (like Instagram).

There are a ton of great tools you can use to create elegant and professional graphics, including:

  • Canva: Ideal for new or non-designers. Canva offers a good platform. But for a more professional outcome, there are better solutions.
  • Adobe Photoshop: The behemoth of graphic design. There are great templates out there, and its relatively easy to use for non-professionals; although the interface can be intimidating.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Our personal favorite, but not recommended for beginners or non-designers (unless you really want to learn — and we love learning).
  • Images: You can use your own custom photography, free stock photography (Unsplash), or purchased stock photography (we love Moyo Studio and A Fabulous Fete).
  • Custom graphics: Create social media graphic templates or custom batches with your own designer, or as a Teakie Care member.

3. Call-to-action (CTA): What action do you want readers to take: should they click-through to read your post, or do you want them to book a consultation? Decide on one clear call-to-action, and include it in your caption, or create an image with the CTA written out in a well-designed graphic.

4. Schedule: When do you want your post on social media to go live? If you’re looking to post on a one-off basis, we get it — but you can save time and strategically plan out your social media posts with a publishing schedule. Take a peek at social media tools like CoSchedule to make planning and scheduling your posts as easy as possible.

5. Start Sharing: Ways to Share Your Posts on Social Media

When it comes to sharing your blog post on social platforms, there are a few options available to you.

The most common sharing methods are:

  • Share directly on your social media pages: Social platforms are designed to be just that — social. Most platforms allow you to copy and paste the link to your blog directly into a post. From there, you can edit your caption and share with your network. Most platforms will also pull your post title, excerpt and featured image. This is why making sure that you publish your post well is key!
  • Link in bio: This method is Instagram-specific. Here, you can share your expertly-crafted caption (ad copy) and direct users to navigate to the link in your bio to read your blog.
  • Share buttons: Many themes come with social sharing buttons to allow readers to quickly and easily share your post. Simply click these and you’ll be directed to the social platform of your choice.
  • Jetpack’s Publicize feature: This free WordPress plugin automatically shares your published blog post with connected platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at scheduled times.

We sincerely hope this Teakie Tutorial inspired you to start sharing your archive of blog posts with your network — or perhaps even to start putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this digital age).

6. Free Download: Social Media Distribution Checklist

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