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How to Improve Your Website to Attract More Clients

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How to Improve Your Website to Attract More Clients

Think of your website as your online home. Not only do you want it to be as accommodating as possible, but you want it to inspire and draw people in from the moment they enter.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your website — whether you want people to take direct action or simply share relevant information with ease — these six strategies can help you pivot, adapt, and transform for an increasingly online world.

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  1. Provide clear information
  2. Implement a modern design
  3. Include branded imagery
  4. Build a digital catalogue
  5. Showcase your work
  6. Encourage newsletter sign-ups

1. Provide clear information

Words matter—especially on your website. Your website is where visitors are most likely browsing to learn more about your brand, or are seeking out specific details on your services, contact information, or a specific product.

Here are a few tips to keeping your information clear and organized:

  • Label your navigation bar (the list of pages at the top of your website) with direct, unmistakable labels such as Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and to-the-point.
  • Take advantage of headers and sub headers to help get your point across. This is where you can use your words to maximize your impact.

Not only do these practices help visitors find what they need, faster, but clear information has a huge impact on our next point: creating a visually appealing, modern website design.

Having clear information and well-written website content is one of the best ways to improve your website.

2. Implement a modern design

The visuals—and the overall aesthetic—of your website matters. Think about potential clients who are looking to hire someone with your exact products or skillset who’s exploring a few options.

The first website they see is obviously out of date: some links are broken, and the pages are filled with old images, irrelevant information, and a clunky design.

The other is clean, professional, and contemporary, designed to delight their target audience (i.e., you), looking like it is well-cared for and maintained.

Which website would you buy from?

3. Include branded imagery

Expanding on modern design, consider the visual media—the images, videos, and icons—that you include throughout your website.

Are you using traditional stock photos? Are they representative of your brand, your voice, and the information on each page?

Investing in elevated branded imagery can have a massive impact on the overall aesthetic of your website. Bonus: this imagery can be repurposed for blog banners, emails, and social media posts.

Branded imagery doesn’t have to be custom—it just has to show who you are and complement what you’re saying. There’s a huge range of beautiful, modern, and imaginative imagery and photography available online, including on Unsplash and Creative Commons.

4. Build a digital catalogue

A digital catalogue is your collection of digital resources—marketing materials, educational pieces, and other visual or written documentations of your knowledge. A beautifully designed, informative downloadable is another way to improve your website and online platform.

A few of our favourite digital catalogue assets include:

  • Product catalogue: A digital representation of your various products. Often downloadable, a product catalogue benefits product creators and distributors with beautiful imagery and clear copy that showcases products in the best light possible.
  • Pricing guide: A downloadable, sharable document that lists your service and/or package pricing. This can be made available on your website, or distributed to prospects or clients upon request.
  • Media kit: A piece that details everything a sponsor or partner needs to know about you—from your business origins to photos and available marketing materials.
  • Lookbook: Think of a lookbook as a mini-magazine for the digital age. This takes your products or services and pairs them with beautiful imagery, without sales-specific information. These are a delight for the eyes of leads and clients alike.

We also speak a lot more about this in our article on transforming your business online.

5. Showcase your work

You are an expert in your industry, and have likely helped previous clients and customers, either in their business or in their everyday life. It’s important to make the most of your hard work (and your passion!) and share it with the world!

A portfolio page and/or a photo gallery are two go-to ways of highlighting past work and projects.

  • Portfolio page: This page should include an overview of a project, a few obstacles the client was faced with, and how you implemented your services or products to make a meaningful change. Ideally, this page will include a testimonial or two from happy clients!
  • Photo gallery: Perfect for finished physical products (but can also be appropriate for services!), a photo gallery provides clear visuals of the detail and care that goes into everything you create.

Have an Instagram feed? Consider embedding your feed into your website with a widget (we help Teakie Care members with that).

6. Encourage newsletter sign-ups

The online world is always changing—but through it all, email has truly been a constant, making it a great strategy for staying top-of-mind with your target audience.

You can use your website to encourage newsletter sign-ups by providing a clear benefit of what subscribers will receive from you—and then giving them a space to input their email address. Do you send out helpful industry tips once a week, or will your readers be the first to know about exclusive sales and promotions?

Adding a newsletter opt-in is a quick and easy way to improve your website. By offering a clear call-to-action to sign-up on your site (ideally on a few pages), you can build your email list while directly benefitting your target readers.

To summarize, the more intentionally and well-designed your website is, the more direct action your audience will take. Whether you’re selling your products or services or simply want to encourage visitors to contact you, an up-to-date, modern website can help you make the most of your time—and help you do the work you love.

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